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Storm Damage in Rosemount MN

Storm Damage in Rosemount MN | A guide to roof storm damage

If you live in Rosemount, chances are you have had your fair share of harsh weather conditions. From summer squalls to hurricanes to tornadoes and hailstorms, storms can cause damage to your roof, windows, siding, and other exterior surfaces. Learn more about Storm Damage in Rosemount MN by reading our article below, or by contacting Capstone Bros. today!

What to do after a storm

In this guide, we tell you the steps you need to take after storm damage to your roof. If you are struggling, get in touch with a roof storm damage restoration contractor in Rosemount now!

Types of roof storm damage

  •         Wind

Winds can cause visible damage to your roof shingles. High winds can cause the roof deck and water-tight seal to crack, leaving your roof vulnerable to water damage, too.

  •         Hail

Hailstorms can cause pockmarks and dents in shingles. They can cause shingles to loosen up, so your roof is exposed to sun and rain damage. Hail damage can ruin the appearance of your home, too.

  •         Standing water

After big rainstorms, roofs with poor drainage can cause standing water problems. This way, your gutters can become clogged, which enables moisture to seep into the roof deck.

  •         Debris

Debris can end up on your roof and cause dents and cracks in the shingles. This way, your roof becomes vulnerable to moisture damage.

Roof storm damage checklist

If you live in Rosemount, then refer to this guide to better understand the type of roof storm damage to your property. This way, you can determine whether you need a roof repair or roof replacement.

Schedule and conduct roof storm damage inspection

Get in touch with a professional roofing contractor to schedule a roof storm damage inspection. Many roof repair contractors offer free inspections, too. So, look for a trusted storm damage restoration company in Rosemount.

  •         Inspect the roof

Visually examine the roof by walking over and around the roof and notice the signs of any type of storm damage.

  •         Examine vents, windows, and gutters

Look out for dents on gutters and other roofing accessories like overhangs and gable vents. Check windows for broken glass, cracks, torn screens, and loose weather-stripping.

  •         Analyze attic and ceilings

Check attic and ceilings for water leakage and discoloration. Water damage is often unseen but can cause bigger roofing problems later.

  •         Observe exterior surfaces

Walk around the home and observe missing fence posts, fallen tree branches, downed power lines, or damaged outdoor furniture. Check decks and patios for signs of damage, too.

Get in touch with your home insurance company

Take short notes and photos of roof damage such as torn, curled, dented, or missing roof shingles to file an insurance claim.

If you do not know where to begin, get in touch with a professional and trusted roof storm damage restoration company in Rosemount to help you.

Hiring a reliable roofing contractor in Rosemount

It is essential to know what to look for and ask for when looking for a trusted storm roof repair company. Here are the tips and tricks you can use to find a reliable storm damage restoration contractor:

  •         Ensure that they are certified, insured, and licensed and offer a strong warranty
  •         Make sure they are capable of examining and estimating storm roof damage
  •         Take a look at their rating and reviews on the web

Hire a trusted and dependable roof storm damage restoration contractor!

At Capstone Bros Contracting, we have a team of professional roofers, storm damage repair contractors, and storm damage restoration professionals in Rosemount to assess damage to your property, provide an estimate, and repair or replace your roof after storm damage.

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Storm Damage in Rosemount MN

Storm Damage in Rosemount MN

Storm Damage in Rosemount MN

Storm Damage in Rosemount MN

Storm Damage in Rosemount MN

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