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Storm Damage in Savage MN

Storm Damage in Savage MN | Are Storms Getting Worse?

Are Storms Getting Worse?

When it comes to the weather, everyone has their own opinion. As the debate heats up all across the U.S., one thing is certain: storms have been getting worse all around us and people continue to question what’s going on. If you want to learn more about Storm Damage in Savage MNthen keep reading.

Is the weather getting worse?

You bet it is. And we’re not just talking about extreme weather like hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes. We’re also talking about hail, wind, rain and ice storms. These are all examples of severe weather that can damage your home’s roof and siding. But you don’t have to worry! There are steps you can take to protect your home from this kind of damage—and even increase its value in the process.

The frequency and severity of extreme weather events are increasing due to climate change. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts that the number of days with temperatures above 95 degrees will increase by several degrees by 2050, and that storms like hurricanes will become more intense.

Storms can cause roof damage to your home, which can lead to increased water damage and mold growth inside the walls. If you notice signs of water damage or mold growth in your home, it is important to get the problem addressed as soon as possible.

Storms are getting worse

Storms bring hail, rain, wind, snow and roof damage. Roof damage can be caused by hail or heavy rain that causes leaks in your roof. Hail can also cause cracks in your windows or windshields. Wind can blow down trees on houses and cars causing damage to property or even injury if someone is walking nearby when it happens. Snow can cause power outages which means no heat during winter months!

It’s no secret that climate change is happening, and we’re seeing it every day in our daily lives. But did you know that storms are actually getting worse because of it?

Here’s what you need to know:

The Climate Change Effect

Whether or not you believe in climate change, the fact is that our planet’s temperature has risen by 2 degrees Fahrenheit over the past 150 years—and it’s expected to rise another 2 degrees by 2100. That means more heat waves, more droughts, and more wildfires. It also means more intense storms—and they’ve already started showing up!

So what does this mean for you? For now, it seems like the best thing to do is stay informed about climate change news and resources—and stay prepared for whatever kind of storm comes your way.

More Snowfall

There’s been a lot of snow this winter across North America and Europe—so much so that some ski resorts have had to close early because they’ve exhausted their supply of snow-making machines! This is due to global warming making winters colder than usual. It doesn’t just mean less snowfall during one season—it means less overall snowfall over time as well.

More Hail Storms

Hail storms are becoming more common as well due to global warming—in fact, there have been three times as many hail storms in the last 30 years than there were during the previous 30! This is because of increased temperatures causing more evaporation and more moisture in the air, which can then freeze into hail when it hits cold clouds.

Roof and Home Damage

Is your home in need of a new roof? We can help.

Roof damage is something that can happen even without a hurricane. Hail, strong winds, and heavy rain can all cause damage to your roof and make you feel like you need to replace it. But did you know that replacing your roof could actually increase the value of your house?

That’s right! Replacing your old roof with a new one not only protects your home from future storms, but it also makes it look fresh and new—and that translates into an increased home value.

If you’re ready to start looking into your options for improving the value of your home, contact us today for a free estimate on roof replacement or repair services.

Looking to the Future

So perhaps we are seeing more and stronger storms around the world today. Whether or not they will actually become more dangerous overall is still up for debate, but I think it’s safe to say that storms deserve more attention than they get now. It never hurts to be prepared.

One thing is for sure: both weather and climate are changing. So whether or not you’re interested in making anything of this story for yourself, it’s important to understand that things are changing, and we need to consider how that may shape our lives in the years to come. At Capstone Bros., we’d be happy to keep your home safe with our Roofing, Siding, Windows, and (most importantly) Storm Damage services.

Storm Damage in Savage MN

At Capstone Bros., we’d be happy to keep your home safe.

Storm Damage in Savage MN

At Capstone Bros., we’d be happy to keep your home safe.

Storm Damage in Savage MN

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