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Storm Damage in Wayzata MN

Storm Damage in Wayzata MN | Can a Windstorm Damage My Home?

Wind can pose a threat to your home at any time of the year. As spring weather approaches, homes are susceptible to damage from high winds. We all know that tornadoes can cause severe damage to a home, but so can windstorms. Windstorms encompass strong winds but not necessarily rain or hail. If you want to learn more about Storm Damage in Wayzata MN, then look no further than Capstone Bros. High winds can cause severe damage to your home, so it’s important to take the proper precautions to keep your home safe. Here are 3 potential ways that windstorms can do damage to your home: Can a Windstorm Damage My Home?

Roof Damage

One potential way your home could become damaged due to strong winds is roof damage. Your roof is one of the first layers of defense when it comes to protecting your home from storm damage. Keep in mind that your roof can be especially vulnerable to storm damage in Wayzata MN if you have preexisting storm damage that’s already been impacting your roof, such as hail damage. Wind damage can cause destruction on your roof in several ways including loosening or removing shingles, causing issues with your chimney, peeling or curling shingles, loss of granules, & soffit and/or fascia damage. To help protect your home against extensive damage, take preventative measures to ensure your roof is sturdy and free of preexisting damage by getting a roof inspection.

Siding Damage

Wind damage can also impact your home’s siding. Just like if you have preexisting roof damage, preexisting siding damage can make problems worse if wind impacts your siding. Strong winds can cause your siding to split, crack, chip, break, or become completely detached from your home and leave the layers under your siding exposed to the elements. If you notice you have damage to your siding that has been there for a while, or if a storm has recently impacted your home, contact your local roofing and siding contractor in Wayzata MN to make the necessary exterior repairs. Getting prompt siding repair is important to ensure your exterior will best protect you and your home.

Impact Damage

While wind can do a significant amount of direct damage to your exterior, it can also cause damage to your home through impact damage. High winds can cause large objects to blow around and crash into your siding or roof and cause damage to your exterior. We see strong winds blow down branches, trees, or telephone poles and impact homes. This can cause extreme damage that warrants immediate repairs or replacements. You may be able to minimize the potential for impact damage by maintaining the foliage around your home.

Weather can be unpredictable and your home can be impacted by storm damage in Wayzata MN at any time. Fortunately, Capstone Bros Contracting offers several exterior home services such as siding repairs and roof replacements to help ensure your home is sturdy. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a roofing contractor in Wayzata Minnesota or to get a free roof inspection.

Storm Damage in Wayzata MN

Storm Damage in Wayzata MN

Storm Damage in Wayzata MN

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