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Storm Damage New Hope MN | What to do if You Have Storm Damage

Storm Damage New Hope MN

Did a big spring storm just come through your area and damage your home? It can be scary and stressful when a storm causes damage. But don’t worry! There are actions you can take as soon as there is damage to help fix it quickly. If you’d like to learn more solutions for Storm Damage New Hope MN, then reach out to Capstone Bros. today. Here are three of the first steps you should take:

Take Pictures

When a storm hits and causes damage to your home, one of the first steps you should do is to take pictures of the damage. It is important to document the damage so you remember what caused what damage and have proper evidence for the insurance company. Sometimes debris can shift which makes it hard to remember what caused the damage, but if you take pictures after it happened, you will know exactly what caused it. Photos are an excellent way to remember things, especially when dealing with stress, which would make it hard to remember details. Most of us carry phones with cameras, so might as well take advantage of them when we can.

Contact Your Insurance

After you have taken the pictures you need, it is essential to reach out to your insurance company. An insurance company will want to know as many details about the damage as possible. They will also very likely ask for photos to see better what the damage looks like. Once the insurance company assesses the damage, they will be able to tell you what is covered under your insurance plan. Insurance will often cover repair costs after you have met your deductible. Each company is different and covers things differently so it is important to talk directly with your insurance company. Not every company will cover all types of damage.

Contact a Contractor

Once you understand what will be covered by your insurance, you can contact a contractor, such as Capstone Bros Contracting, to repair your home. This is an important step because it will help repair your home quickly and get it back up to top shape. It is essential to contact a contractor soon for multiple reasons. For one, if you wait too long to repair the damage, it can cause the damage to worsen. It is hard to know if your insurance company will cover the damage if it gets worse. Also, if you wait to contact a storm damage contractor, their schedule may fill up if it was a big storm that caused a lot of damage to many properties nearby.

Your home is important, and so you want to make sure you keep it of good quality. Springtime is when we get a lot of storms in Minnesota and with storms come damage. Storm damage can be stressful but with the right help, some of the stress can be taken away. Taking photos, reaching out to your insurance company, and contacting a contractor are each important first steps to take. When you are ready for a storm damage contractor, contact Capstone Bros Contracting in New Hope, Minnesota. We can help with your storm damage and repair your home. Some examples of things we repair are roofs, siding, and windows. Contact us today so we can help with your storm damage!

Storm Damage New Hope MN

Storm Damage New Hope MN

Storm Damage New Hope MN

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