Summer Home Maintenance Checklist: Is Your Home Ready for Summer?

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Summer is officially two weeks away. You’ve done your spring cleaning inside your home but what about the outside? A quick check of your home exterior can help you identify potential issues before they become costly problems.

Here is a quick checklist to help you out:

Walk around the perimeter of your house:

  • Is there any cracked caulking? This can lead to water getting into your home and causing damage.
  • Are there any wood pecker holes? These can cause damage to siding and/or windows and lead to water intrusion which leads to rot.
  • Check your siding for cracking or warping.  These are potentially signs of larger issues.
  • Clean out gutters and check that they are attached properly to ensure proper watershed away from the home.
  • Check the roof for curled shingles, missing shingles, any type of damage.
  • Look for moisture around your windows and within the glass.  This is also a sign of a potential larger issue.
  • Clear dryer vent from the outside. Make sure it is clear of lint and opens easily for ventilation. Replace any broken parts.
  • Check air conditioner unit for debris and clear it out.
  • Clear leaves, grass and other debris from around the home.
  • Check trees closest to the house for weak and broken limbs. These limbs can come down in a storm and cause damage to your home.
  • Trim bushes around the home that could cause damage to the siding. Vegetation should not be touching your siding or your roof.
  • Inspect deck for signs of rotting and any loose nails. Do a test to see if you need to reseal the deck. Sprinkle water on the deck and if it beads up, you are fine, if it soaks in, you need to reseal it. If the deck is in too bad of shape, consider a new deck.

Taking the time to take care of small issues now will help prevent more costly issues down the road. If you do need any major work done or you’re not sure how bad an issue is, consult a licensed contractor like Capstone Bros. We have 30+ years of experience and offer free estimates on any home repair or project. Call 952-882-8888 or click here to fill out our online form.

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