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What is the best way to repair a leaking roof

What is the best way to repair a leaking roof?

A leaking roof is a serious problem that can lead to numerous interior home issues such as waterlogged attic insulation. Repairing a leaking roof is imperative to maintaining your house’s interior. However, it is a labor-intensive job that not every DIYer can perform. Yet, if you feel like you can ace the project, here is the best way to repair a leaking roof.

#1 Identify the leak

Begin at the lowest point and work your way upward. Use a ladder and flashlight to access the attic. Look for black or white stains, mildew, or molds. Also, check roof vents such as turbines, attic fans, plumbing soil stack pipes, etc. Damaged plywood may also be a source of the leak, so make sure to inspect the sheathing thoroughly.

#2 Inspect roof vents

As mentioned above, the boots of housings may be broken, cracked, or dislodged. So, look out for dislodged or missing nails.

#3 Remove damaged roof vents

If you identify damaged roof vents, pull out the nails as well as shingles using a pry bar to remove them. For this step, you may need an assistant to hold the nails or shingles while you pull them out.

#4 Replace roof vent

Apply a layer of roofing cement underneath the vent’s flashing. Separate the shingles and let the vent slide in. Make sure the lower vent section goes over the shingles to stop leakage. Apply sealant over the nails, too.

#5 Tear off worn off shingles

If your roof deck is damaged, remove the shingles to access the damaged area. Use a pry bar to loosen the nails. Then, pull old shingles away.

#6 Remove old roofing paper

Use a utility knife to remove old roofing paper that separates the roofing deck from shingles.

#7 Mark and cut the damaged area

Use chalk to mark the damaged section of the roof deck. Then, use a saw blade and cut through the length of the damaged area.

#8 Remove roof deck

Pully out the nails from the cut-off part of the deck using a pry bar.

#9 Cut new patch for roof deck

Use the cut-off as a template to mark the dimensions of the new patch for the roof deck. Place this patch on the ground and use a saw to cut it.

#10 Attach the patch

Set the patch in place on the roof and nail it into place.

#11 Lay underlayment

Use roofing nails to nail down the underlayment or roofing paper. Make sure the rows overlap by about 4 inches.

#12 Lay the first row of shingles

Lay the first row of shingles starting from the bottom row. Leaf the new shingles into place from left to right. Use roofing cement underneath the shingles and nail them down along the top of the row.

#13 Lay all shingles

Work your way upwards as you lay the shingles until you reach the top-most row. Slide the new row of shingles underneath the top layer to ensure that both new and old shingles mesh together.

Viola! You are done. We understand that repairing a leaking roof is not an easy job. This is why we at Capstone Bros Contracting are here to help you fix your leaking roof at affordable rates. Give us a call now to book an inspection immediately


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