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Roofing in Apple Valley, MN

What Should I Look for In a Damaged Roof

Your roof’s lifespan may be shortened as a result of roof damage. You may be wondering whether you have roof damage due to a significant storm or if it is simply becoming older. Learn how to spot the indications of roof damage and what to do if you find yourself in this situation.

The 6 Most Common Types of Roof Damage

Storms, plants, animals, and other things can cause roof damage. However, these are the six forms of roof damage you are most likely to encounter.

  •         Wind damage

If you have wind damage, you will notice missing shingles or shingles that flap in the wind while remaining attached to the roof. Wind damage can also be evident around seams and joints, where the flashing might tear or buckle due to the wind’s impact. Before making any repairs, always check with your insurance carrier to verify if the damage qualifies for a claim.

  •         Hail damage

Unless the hail was pretty enormous, hail damage is usually not evident from the ground. However, you may have hail damage on the roof if you notice minor dimples or dents on metal downspouts or outdoor HVAC systems.

  •         Rodent damage

Squirrels or raccoons will occasionally eat holes in the shingles along a ridge or edge of the roof to access the attic; however, this damage is not as typical with asphalt and cedar shake roofs. This form of damage may be apparent from the ground.

  •         Tree damage

Tree damage is the most apparent type of roof damage. For example, you may have heard a branch fall or noticed a huge limb hanging from your gutter or on your roof. The impact can cause granules to brush away from the tiles or rip them.

  •         Moss damage

Moss may grow into the shingles on your roof, causing structural damage. It will be found in large clusters covering most of the roof or a piece of the roof. If it has been there for a while, you will need to repair the shingles that have been damaged.

  •         Ice damage

On a warm, bright day in the winter, piled snow might begin to melt. When this happens, it cascades down your roof and over the edge. However, the runoff will refreeze as ice if the temperature drops before the snowmelt. This coating of ice may take longer to melt than the snow beneath it when temperatures rise again. So, instead of melting, it forms an ice barrier, trapping newly melted water and forcing it back up your roof’s slope and beneath your shingles.

Symptoms Of Roof Damage from Within Your Home

It is crucial to check for roof damage even before you see any signs of damage on the inside of your home. Of course, a professional roofer can do a thorough examination, but you may notice one of these frequent indicators of roof deterioration even without stepping onto your roof.

  •         Water leaks

Water can sneak beneath the shingles or into the flashing when a roof is damaged. While it may not be enough to penetrate the walls or ceiling, it can damage the deck or seep into the insulation, creating a mold-breeding environment.

Water leaks, more than any other sort of roof damage, can threaten your roof’s capacity to protect the interior of your home. Unfortunately, it is possible that you may not discover a leak until it has already done a lot of harm. If a leak has progressed to the point where you can see water pouring on your living room floor, you are likely to have damage in your attic.

  •         Water stains on your ceiling

Water stains appear on the walls or ceiling as brown rings or patterns; however, they may not appear straight away. When a slow leak begins to soak into the ceiling or wall, the mineral deposits in the water will create a stain when it dries out. Water stains may be difficult to see depending on your walls or the color of your ceiling. For example, if you have a dark wood ceiling or inadequate illumination in that location, you might not see the stain.

The Takeaway

No matter how severe the damage is, Capstone Bros Contracting can help you identify and repair the damaged roofs at affordable and all-inclusive rates. So, what are you looking for? Get in touch and talk to a professional roofer now!

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