What You Should Do after Storms Hit in the Twin Cities

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The Twin Cities has seen its fair share of storms so far this year. Wind, lots of rain, and hail has caused its fair share of damage throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul.

One of the big issues during storms is the large haul. Any time a hail storm moves through, individuals are forced to think about the impact on their cars and roofs. This means that you may have to consider repairs.

While the hail damage can be obvious on cars, it may not be as obvious on roofs, which can mean that there is damage there that can’t be seen. That damage can then lead to cracks in the roof that lead to even more damage, which can become very expensive to fix.

After the most recent round of hail storms in the Twin Cities, many individuals called their roofing companies to make sure they didn’t have hail damage. If they found out that their roofs were damaged, the next step was to file an insurance claim so the insurance company can cover the damage.

Not all homes experienced damage, but some did. The last hail storm was so extreme that individuals thought the windows were going to break in their homes. Some car owners reported up to 80 hail dents on their vehicles.

With these events comes the chance for individuals to try and take advantage of homeowners. They will show up on the homeowner’s doorstep after the storm saying that they will fix any problems that may have come about. The fact is that they are usually not there to fix any issues, but to take your money and do half of the job or not do anything at all and run. These individuals are typically from out of town and their intentions are not good.

Even if your damage is light, don’t trust a door-to-door storm damage repair. You need to call the company directly and tell them that you suspect you may have damage.

You also don’t want to ignore damage if it is light because it can lead to more significant damage. It is a smart idea to have the issue looked at so that it doesn’t become something that could hurt your wallet later. Damage can also cause your home value to take a hit. This can be bad if you want to sell your home in the future or if you wish to refinance and you have your home appraised.

Another tip: Don’t ever pay for an estimate because estimates are supposed to be free. If someone comes to your door and they say that they want to give you an estimate for a certain dollar amount, turn them away. A free estimate is standard among legitimate storm damage repair companies.

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