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Window Contractor in Lonsdale MN

Window Contractor in Lonsdale MN | Window Repair VS Replacement: What do you need?

Many homeowners often struggle to decide whether they need a window repair or replacement. To help you decide, here is everything you need to know about window repair vs replacement. If you’d like to learn even more about a Window Contractor in Lonsdale MN, reach out to Capstone Bros. today! Continue reading to decide when you need to hire a window repair contractor, and when window replacement service in Lonsdale is your best bet! 

7 situations when you need window repair services

#1 Chipped or peeling paint

Chipping or peeling paint lowers the curb appeal of your house. Spruce up the value of your house by hiring a window repair contractor to swap your old paint for new colors to revive the appearance of your house.

#2 Water damage Window Contractor in Lonsdale MN

If you observe coffee-like spots on your windows but your window panes are intact, it is about time you look for a window repair service in your area.

#3 Rotted window frame

Water damage often rots window frames. Wood rotting is often caused by humidity, rainfall, or snow melt. If you see signs of rotting, call window repair professionals right away.

#4 Broken or chipped mullions

Mullions are wooden pieces in between the glass panes that are often used for decorative or support purposes. If you observe broken, dented, chipped, or peeling mullions, you can easily get them repaired.

#5 Worn caulking

Caulking seals the gaps between the window frames and walls. If you have a drafty window, you may need to replace the caulking. Worn caulking also lets insects, humidity, and water in your house, which further damages your house. So, consult a professional window expert right away.

#6 Difficulty closing and opening windows

Difficulty closing and opening windows may be caused by rusty hinges or latches, loose or misaligned wood sashes, or twisted window frames. Inoperable windows are a clear sign you need to hire a window repair expert.

#7 Damaged casing

Casing adds to the curb appeal of your house; however, rough weather can lead to cracked, broken, or rotting casing. The damaged casing can easily be restored by an expert contractor.

4 situations when you need window replacement services

#1 Cold glass

If you have single-pane windows, they are not insulated. So, they always feel cold to the touch. Multi-pane windows are meant to insulate your house. If this is an issue, then you need to replace your old, single-pane windows with modern, multi-pane windows. To get a better understanding of the issue, get in touch with a professional window replacement contractor.

#2 Drafty windows

Drafty windows significantly impact your energy bills. If drafty windows are caused by cracked glass, torn screens, or misaligned windows, then you need to get a window replacement as soon as possible.

#3 High energy bill

If you notice high energy bills, then that may be a cause of drafty windows. Draft windows cause your HVAC system to work hard, so you have to pay high energy costs. In addition, energy-efficient windows lower your energy bills. So, get your drafty, single-pane windows replaced right away.

#4 Severe damage Window Contractor in Lonsdale MN

If your window has significant damage, then repairs may cost even more than a replacement. In this case, window replacement is the best option.

If you still do not know whether you need to repair or replace your windows, contact our expert window repair contractors and window replacement contractors at Capstone Bros Contracting. Our technicians in Lonsdale look at your issues and offer the best course of action as per your situation. Our contractors also provide roof repair, hail damage , and siding repair services. Book a consultation with our experts now!

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Window Contractor in Lonsdale MN

Window Contractor in Lonsdale MN

Window Contractor in Lonsdale MN

Window Contractor in Lonsdale MN

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