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Windows in Cottage Grove MN | Why are my windows letting in cold air?

Windows in Cottage Grove MN

Why are my windows letting in cold air?

As we get closer to winter, homeowners start to think of the home improvements they want to do to spruce up their home before the cold weather hits. These can include simple things like installing energy-efficient windows or replacing your old roof. If you’re curious why your current windows might be letting in cold air, then keep reading below for tips. If you want to learn more about windows in Cottage Grove MN, then look into how Capstone Bros. Contracting can help you and your home today.

Storm damage

Storm damage can cause windows to break or crack, which will let in cold air. If this happens, the best thing to do is call a professional window repair company as soon as possible to fix the problem. If you have storm damage, it’s important to get your windows fixed or replaced as soon as possible. This will help prevent further damage from occurring and ensure that your home is safe from the elements. Especially before winter, you’ll want to repair any of the storm damage your house has received over the fall and summer.

Extreme temperatures

Even the best of windows may not be able to keep out the coldest temperatures of the year, or the decade. If you feel like your windows are letting in cold temperatures, then you may want to invest in a window covering like a curtain that can help hold back cold air during the most extreme nights of the year. Otherwise, if you feel like your home is cold more frequently than just the coldest days of the year, it may be worth investing in new windows.

The weatherstripping needs to be replaced

If your windows are letting in cold air, it may be because the weatherstripping is outdated. This can make a huge difference in your home’s comfort levels and energy efficiency. If you want to keep warm during the winter months, then this is something that you need to consider as soon as possible. If you are not sure when it is time to replace your windows, then it may be worth getting in touch with a local contractor. They will be able to assess whether or not your windows need replacing and can also provide you with quotes so that you can start planning for this project. If you’re unsure how often you should do this, a good rule of thumb is to have your windows and your home’s exterior inspected once a year.

The frame is cracked or otherwise broken

If you see that the frame is cracked or otherwise broken, then it’s time to replace your windows. If any of these issues are present, then you need to get in touch with a professional as soon as possible. This will help ensure that you’re able to find a solution before the problem gets worse and potentially causes damage to your home. Cracked or damaged frames don’t only let in cold air, they also let in unwanted moisture which can lead to mold or mildew problems. These issues will lead to a much more expensive fix later down the road, and can even cause extensive structural damage to your home.

You window was improperly installed the first time

If your window was improperly installed the first time, then it’s likely that there are other problems with it as well. This could mean that you need to replace all of the windows in your home or just replace those that have been installed incorrectly. This is why it’s important to make sure that any windows you buy are from a reputable company and have been properly installed by a licensed contractor.

Your window frames aren’t sealed or insulated well enough

If your window frames aren’t sealed or insulated well enough, then they won’t be able to keep the cold out of your home. This will lead to you having to use more energy and paying higher utility bills than necessary. In fact, if your windows are installed incorrectly and don’t have any kind of sealant around them at all, then you could experience a significant amount of heat loss every time you leave them open. You can check to see if your window frames are sealed well by looking at them closely and making sure that there aren’t any gaps between the frame and the wall. If there is a gap, then you should consider having it sealed. This is usually done by adding some kind of sealant around the outer edges of each window frame. At Capstone Bros. Contracting, we’d be happy to help you and your home with our Roofing, Siding, Windows, and  Storm Damage services. If you have any concerns about window replacement, the price of your utility bills, or simply increasing your home’s value, contact Capstone Bros. Contracting today.

Windows in Cottage Grove MN

Windows in Cottage Grove MN

Windows in Cottage Grove MN

Windows in Cottage Grove MN

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